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Acting Career Consultations

Promoting Your Acting Career Consultations:

Prior to meeting with the actor, I find out as much information as I can about their career up to that point. This enables me to create a worksheet that includes

  • a marketing strategy

  • a specific game plan that will work best for their individual needs

  • suggestions on who to contact

  • ideas for developing a major mailing campaign

During the consultation we go through every detail of their career. Together, we plan the best way for them to get from where they are now -- to where they eventually want to go.

Each Comprehensive Consultation Includes:

  • Marketing Yourself Effectively

  • The Best Career Strategy for You

  • Pictures, Resumes, and other Advertising Tips

  • Targeted Mailings

  • Setting up an Effective Database

  • What to Say (and NOT Say) in Your Correspondence

  • Interview Techniques (What to Say and NOT Say)

  • Finding (and Keeping) Good Agents

  • Finding Great Audition Monologues

  • Preparing for the Big Auditions (in Film, Stage, or TV)

  • Networking that Works (Learning Where, How, When, etc.)

  • Meeting Casting Directors

  • Who's Casting What?


Call or e-mail for Consulting Fees. (payable in cash, certified check, or by money order).  Non-Refundable Advance of ˝ the amount is due prior to the consultation.  Any credits will be applied to future sessions.  Cancellations require a 24 hours notice for students not to be charged for a session.


Monologue Coaching + Consultation Sessions

  • The first half of each of this 5 session series is open to career consultation advise and strategies. Actors are free to ask questions or discuss career choices.

  • During the second half of the session the actor works on new monologues for auditions.

Call or e-mail for Session Fees. All fees are non-refundable.  24 hours notice necessary for cancellations so as not to be charged for the sessions.

For more information call: 917-612-5524




Phone Consultations

The Glenn Alterman Studio offers telephone consultations anywhere in the country, for those unable to go to the New York Studio.

Mr. Alterman will makes the phone call to the student from his phone, so there are no long distance charges to the student.

For more information call: 917-612-5524



"All of us at The Actors Coalition Theater Company have nothing but accolades for Glenn Alterman’s “Acting Career Consultations”. Working in a nurturing and supportive way, he gave each member of our company clear and personalized attention. The results of his consultations yielded impressive career leaps for each and every one of our actors."

- Sidney Hauptman, Artistic Director, The Actor's Coalition Theater Company

Dear Glenn,

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help.  Your consultation was invaluable!  Finally my career seems to be back on its feet.  I have three appointments tomorrow with new agents, and I've actually started booking again (a principle on a commercial and a day player on a soap)!  Thanks for those wonderful monologues; they've really been working, I love them!"

- Linda Watson, actress

"I am one of those people who spent years trying to find the right ways to get to meet people.  Glenn’s support and guidance helped me a great deal. He saved me years of wasting time and energy.  Plus, he’s one of the most supportive guys I know.  Since my consultation, I’ve signed with a legit and commercial agent, and have booked 3 commercials. My career has truly been launched."

- Mel Drucker

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