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"We could not be more proud of our very own Glenn Alterman,
who has set the world record for "Most Published Author of Original Monologues!"

- Smith and Kraus Publishers

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Monologues for Every Audition


Writing the 10-Minute Play by Glen Alterman
Writing the 10-Minute Play

Making It In New York City
An Actor's Guide to
Making it in
New York City

Secrets to Successful Cold Readings by Glenn Alterman
Secrets to
Successful Cold Readings

2009 The Best 10 Minute Plays for 2 or More Actors
2009 The Best 10 Minute Plays
For 2 Or More Actors
includes play

101 Original One-Minutes Monologues

Creating Your Own Monolog
2nd Edition


Two Minutes and Under -
Character Monologues for Actors - Volume 3

Promoting Your Acting Career
2nd Edition

The Perfect Audition Monologue  

Two Minutes and Under - Character Monologues for Actors -  Volume 2

An Actor's Guide - Making It in  New York City


Creating Your Own

The Job Book: 100 Acting Jobs for Actors

The Job Book II: 100 Day Jobs for Actors

2-Minute Monologs

Street Talk: Character Monologues for Actors


2 Minutes & Under: 70 Short Character Monologues for Actors

Uptown: Character Monologues for Actors

What to Give Your Agent for Christmas


Monologues for Every Audition


  • The monologues are rated according to the content of material. 
    Monologues are rated “R”, “PG”,  & “G”, depending on the content. Each is categorized by genre: “Dramatic”, Comedic”, Serio-Comedic.
  • Each monologue has an exact running time.
    You’ll know how long the piece runs in minutes and seconds.
  • The best venues for each monologue is suggested.
    Monologues are categorized according to: Theater auditions, agents office audition, film/TV auditions; even for classroom work.
  • A chapter is included that explains everything you need to know to prepare for all monologue auditions.
  • This book offers monologues from Alterman’s award-winning, published plays as well as original pieces for all auditions.
  • There is large selection of one-minute monologues.
  • Each monologue tells a complete story with a beginning middle and end, an emotional arc, and a wide range of emotions to showcase an actors talent.

"This is Glenn’s 10th book of monologues and as an actor himself, he clearly knows what works and doesn’t. Monologues have to have a beginning, middle and end – some kind of story to it – and each one definitely has that.

At the beginning of the book, he’s got a primer on how to prepare for monologues: What’s the best way to find your piece and how to memorize it.
He also deals with the question of should you write a character bio. And, if you do, he’s got 21 questions to ask yourself when you do.

He gives you all the tools to help you deliver the best performance you can give. The book has 37 monologues for women and 37 for men, all very good!"

Lance Carter- The Daily Actor

Writing the 10-Minute Play by Glenn Alterman

Dlenn Alterman 5 stars
"Are you–or someone you know–an aspiring playwright? If the answer is yes, RUN, do not walk, to the nearest bookstore and get a copy of this book. It’ll be the best $$ you could ever spend to help your cause. It contains a mind-boggling assortment of goodies–... This book should tell you anything-and-everything you ever wanted to know about writing a 10-minute play"

Kelly Ferjutz, The San Francisco/Sacramento Reviews. To read the whole review.

This book is written for the beginning or seasoned playwright, as well as for actors (or anyone) wishing to attempt their first ten-minute play. Every aspect of writing a ten-minute play is covered, from perking with an idea, to starting the play, to developing it, to effective rewriting, to completing it, even to how to get the most out of readings of your play once youve finished it. Writing the 10-Minute Play also reveals the best ways to market your play and includes an extensive listing of ten-minute play contests. The guide contains many in-depth interviews with international playwrights who have had substantial success with their ten-minute plays, as well as publishers of ten-minute plays and producers of ten-minute play festivals. Included as well are several award-winning ten-minute plays, followed by a discussion by the respective playwrights on how they went about creating their play, from start to finish. The final chapter offers tips and suggestions from artistic directors of ten-minute play festivals and from well-known playwrights whose ten-minute plays have received awards and publishing deals.

“A short episode can tell quite the story. "Writing the 10-Minute Play" is a guide for those who want to produce these short episodes of fiction to be acted quickly and efficiently, and tell the story they seek. With plenty of examples and solid advice for general success in theatrical production... "Writing the 10-Minute Play" is a strong addition to any collection for writing collections focusing on stage acting, highly recommended.”

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers

“I’d honestly never thought about writing a 10-Minute play before. But after reading the book, I’m totally chomping at the bit to start.
Alterman writes the book from an actor’s perspective, which makes the thought of actually writing a play more inviting.
It’s a really quick read and if you’re even remotely interested in writing a play, you’ll be glad you picked up a copy.

Lance Carter,

The book covers everything from getting an idea and playwriting basics to script format and what to keep in mind when writing the first draft and going into revisions. What I found most useful though were the interviews with playwrights, producers, and publishers of ten-minute plays.   Perhaps the most thoughtful part of the book is the inclusion of three successful ten-minute plays. There's nothing worse than being taught the basics for something and being sent off into the world without actually seeing an example of what you should strive for. You know, being given the ingredients and instructions for something but not a picture of the finished product. So I really appreciated seeing what three successful ten-minute plays look like before thinking about making my attempt at writing one.

Writing the 10-Minute Play has a great amount of notes and resources that will come in handy for a playwright of any level, so be sure to add this to your cart this Spring as you get ready to birth new projects.

Melody Simpson,

An Actor's Guide Making It in New YOrk city by Glenn Alterman

An Actor's Guide Making It in New York City (Second Edition)

"Secrets to Successful Cold Readings" from Smith and Kraus   

Glenn Alterman's latest work.

The most comprehensive book ever written on cold readings

Advice from one of America's premiere monologue and audition coaches and author of 15 best-selling acting and original monologue books.

This book is the most informative, in depth book on the subject of cold readings ever published; and includes over 30 interviews with the industry's top casting directors in TV, film, theater and TV commercials", as well as dozens of informative quotes from casting directors and actors.

"You can give more to an audition than merely wearing a clean shirt and sucking in your gut. Alterman, a premier monologue and audition coach, helps new and experienced actors get the most from material they are expected to present on the spot, or perhaps two spots if they are lucky. He starts with the basic requirements for a good cold reading, technical rules and common mistakes, then gets specific about plays, monologues, screenplays and teleplays, television commercials and daytime TV shows. In each case he provides tips, examples and exercises so actors can apply his advice directly. Alterman's advice comes from long and successful experience, the readings are excellent, and the many insights from casting directors are sincere and helpful. Alterman also provides a well-chosen list of recommended reading."  -- Book News Inc.

"While there are countless books for actors devoted to finding and preparing the perfect audition monolog, few have been written on the topic of cold reading, a skill equally important in the working actor's life. Alterman, playwright and author of many popular monolog books, addresses the special challenges of cold readings in this comprehensive how-to guide.
…Structurally, much of the text is in list form, as Alterman covers the dos and don'ts of cold reading in various audition situations ranging from theater to daytime television.
…The book excels at placing artistic concepts within the actual audition process, providing a valuable resource for actors confronting new and unfamiliar audition situations.

…An added highlight is Alterman's inclusion of interviews with many top casting directors. Recommended for all theater collections and for performing arts collections in public and academic libraries.
-- Katherine Litwin - Library Journal

"In auditions, an actor with limited cold reading skills is at a great disadvantage. To the rescue comes acting coach Glenn Alterman's wonderful "Secrets to Successful Cold Readings". He presents step-by- step instruction on how to break down scenes and monologues quickly, with specific advise related to the way cold readings are used in theater, TV, film, commercials and voiceovers. This analytical approach really gets to the heart of the matter, as do Alterman's interviews and tips from casting directors."
-- Stephen Peithman

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Now available, "101 Original One-Minutes Monologues" from Smith and Kraus   

Sixty Seconds To Shine!

101 Original Monologues offers

  • both men's and women's monologues
  • a large variety of material and of subject matter
  • wide emotional range (dramatic and comedic)
  • different socio-economic types
  • fascinating characters, engaging stories varied levels of acting intensity (suitable for actors of all experience)

From the March 2007 issue of CHOICE MAGAZINE:
Sixty Seconds to Shine- 101 Original Audition Monologues is by Glenn Alterman, who has made a name for himself writing monologues strictly for auditions. This volume offers 101 pithy, gritty, and often humorous pieces for a wide range of character types. The great strength of 60 Seconds to Shine is it’s focus on original material. Nothing kills an otherwise successful audition like running over the allotted time. Monologues that work well often become overused, by the world at large as well as by individual actors, so including fresh selections from a wide range of sources is a plus.
"Summing Up: Highly recommended for student and professional actors."   -
E. D. Bochinski, Fairfield University

From Wisconsin Bookwatch - Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers -The Theatre/Cinema Shelf:
Award-winning playwright Glenn Alterman presents his seventh book of original monologues in 101 Original One-Minute Monologues (Volume 3 of the 60 Seconds to Shine series), created especially for actors who are more and more often given one-minute auditions in which to showcase their talents. There are monologues here for men and women, ranging in tone from dramatic to comedic to serio-comedic. Many of the monologues cover topical subjects, and an introduction offers suggestions for choosing and presenting the right one at an audition."

"Enthusiastically recommended for practicing and aspiring actors everywhere."  - Midwest Book Review

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Watson-Guptill Publications

Now available, "Creating Your Own Monologue  - Volume 2" from Watson-Guptill Publications.  

"Glenn Alterman--himself an accomplished playwright, screenwriter, and actor--has written a comprehensive manual for anyone interested in preparing and producing their own solo performance piece.  Well organized and clearly written." - Library Journal

"Of the very few books that will tell you how to create a monologue, the best is Creating Your Own Monologue." - Backstage

Smith and Kraus

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Now available, "Two Minutes and Under - Volume 3" from Smith and Kraus.  This 3rd volume contains over 60 new, original monologues for actors auditions and for class work.

"..topnotch monologues offering the serious actor an emotional field day." - Anna Marie Kostura, NBC Director of Daytime Programming

"Glenn Alterman's monologues have a dramatic punch that leaves a long lasting impression.  I highly recommend them to actors willing to try something new and exciting to showcase their talents." - Dulcina Eisen, theatrical agent

"There is potential for immense gratification for the actor who does not shrink away from the powerful exhilaration of exorcising emotional demons." - Andre DeShields, actor, director

"Actors looking for challenging, contemporary audition material should find a gold mine here.  Highly recommended for all theatre arts collections." - Library Journal

"Glenn Alterman's book presents more than 60 original audition pieces for men and women, with characters ranging from 20 to old age. Each of Alterman's wonderful monologues is classified by type (comic, dramatic, seriocomedic) and age, and comes with a short description, such as 'the savvy daughter of a recently deceased woman' , which makes it easy to find the appropriate monologue for a specific purpose."  -Stephen Peithman

Promoting Your Acting Career
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Watson-Guptill Publications

The completely revised and updated "Promoting Your Acting Career" (Watson-Guptill Publications), 2nd edition is now available!  This new edition includes the most up to the minute information for actors, with several new chapters.

“This book is filled with great advice and useful information for all actors. Those looking for the best ways to create, maintain, and strengthen their industry relationships should look no further. An important book. I highly recommend it!” 
- Bernard Telsey
, Co Executive Director of MCC Theater, Casting Director, Rent, all productions, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Capeman Wait Until Dark, Broadway revival, As Bees In Honey Drown, and many others

“…gives actors all the necessary tools and information they need to let casting directors, agents and directors know that they exist and are available for work. The book is chock filled with practical, systematic ways to advance a career in show business.” 
The Equity News, a publication from the Actor's Equity Association

“Have no fear — award-winning actor/writer Glenn Alterman is here with Promoting Your Acting Career, a compact, comprehensive guide to making it on stage. Alterman maps each step on the road to success, including common pitfalls and little-known shortcuts not found in other guides.”  

“Having the talent is one thing, letting the right people know about that talent is quite another. Finally, here is a book that tells actors how to be both an artist and a businessperson. I recommend it to all actors who are serious about their careers.” 
Jonn Wasser, Don Buchwald and Associates 

“All aspiring actors will want to read this title: it provides important advice on how to promote an acting career” 
The Midwest Book Review 

“More than a cut above what’s already out there. This book is an invaluable mini resource library you can turn to again and again.” 
Back Stage

"Filled with practical, methodical ways to propel a show business career forward, this pocket companion is the best friend an actor can have. This volume explains how to move towards the worlds of theatre, film and commercials. It shows how to get headshots, interviews and auditions; how to understand concerns from the viewpoint of agent, director and others; how to create a resume; and how to select monologues and prepare for auditions."

- Backstage Books (Windsor)

"I can't tell you how great it was to receive your in depth and well written second edition of Promoting Your Acting Career!  And then to be chosen to be in it!  I liked the way you laid out the chapter and the structure of the acting teachers responding together to each question.  I thought it was interesting how we resonated together about the importance of being ready before putting yourself in front of casting professionals and agents.  Thanks for including me."

- Penny Templeton / Penny Templeton Studio

This is the definitive insider’s guide to propelling forward in the worlds of theatre, film, and commercials.  Packed with both innovative strategies and practical advice, it covers how to: obtain the perfect headshot; prepare for interviews and auditions; select flattering monologues; create professional-looking resumes and cover letters; compose promotional mailings and videos; effectively network; produce an original play, video, or film; star in a one-person show; launch a theater company; and much more.

The book includes interviews with more than 55 top directors, producers, casting directors, talent agents, personal managers, and publicists.  It also provide essential contact information and savvy tips for networking both on- and off-line.  The perfect pocket companion for today’s working actor, Promoting Your Acting Career helps all actors build a dynamic and profitable career in show business.

Filled with practical, methodical ways to propel a show-business career forward, this pocket companion is the best friend an actor can have.

Smith and Kraus

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Glenn Alterman's The Perfect Audition Monologue is the book every actor has probably at one time or another been searching for.  Finding just the right material for auditions can be crucial to an actor's career.  The audition monologue is an important marketing tool that introduces and showcases an actor's talent.  Actors are constantly looking for new material for Equity principal theater auditions, agent office auditions, casting director auditions, and now even film auditions.  In The Perfect Audition Monologue, Glenn Alterman reveals how to:
  • find exciting and seldom done source material for monologue auditions
  • effectively rehearse the monologue
  • break down and personalize audition material
  • edit dialogue from plays into effective audition-winning monologues
  • be confident at auditions from entrance to exit
  • be successful at talent agent and casting director interviews
  • market yourself as an actor

The book also includes insightful interviews with many of the top casting directors and agents in the industry, and dozens of "my first monologue audition" stories from such renowned actors as Glenn Close, Frances Sternhagen, Kate Burton, Julie Harris, Amy Wright, Dana Ivey, S. Epatha Merkerson, Debra Monk, Tovah Feldshuh, John Lithgow, Michael York, Dylan Baker, Brian Murray, John Cunningham, Eli Wallach, David Marguiles, and Elaine Stritch.

On February 17th, The National Arts Council honored "The Perfect Audition Monologue" in an evening of readings from the book and a formal dinner.  The prestigious New York club invited Glenn Alterman and the renowned playwrights who contributed monologue material for the book to read their work before an invited audience.


"Auditioning with a two-minute monologue is a skill unto itself, apart from an actor's abilities in rehearsal and performance. In this concisely written guide, Alterman provides expert tips for choosing, editing, rehearsing, and performing a compelling. age­appropriate audition monologue. Although he does not ignore artistic considerations, he treats the monologue mainly as a business tool for the working actor. Easy-to-read informational chapters on sources for monologues, on bringing the character and the text to life, and on the audition process itself make this volume extremely worthwhile despite the truckload of similar books on the subject. Helpful interviews with New York casting directors and talent agents are included, along with candid reminiscences by actors such as Julie Harris, Glenn Close, and John Lithgow about their first monologue choices and experiences. The book's 29 original monologues for men and women will be good practice material for either the student actor or the seasoned professional. Appendix A is particularly useful: using specific before-and-after examples, it demonstrates how to condense longer monologues or scenes from plays into shorter audition pieces. Summing Up: Recommended. Academic libraries supporting theater/drama programs; public libraries."

- E.E. Bochinski, Fairfield University


Two Minutes and Under - Volume 2
Smith and Kraus

“Glenn Alterman has written an excellent book of original monologues for actors.  Each monologue is an extremely well-written character study.  I highly recommend this book to all actors!” - Joseph Chaikin, director, teacher, writer

"I love your monologues and they have helped me get some great roles over the past few years." - Andrea Reese, actress, author of the one-woman play, "Cirque Jacqueline".

Two Minutes and Under - Volume 2 offers:

  • 59 original men's and women's monologues
  • A variety of material and of subject matter
  • Emotional range (dramatic and comedic)
  • Age variety (from teens to seniors)
  • Different socio-economic types
  • Fascinating characters; engaging stories
  • Variety levels of acting intensity (suitable for actors of all experience)
  • A group of monologues suitable for "one" minute auditions

"Alterman has an impressive resume of theatre writing to his credit, and he has created here a wonderfully varied collection of monologues. Each tells the mood (dramatic, serio/comic) and who it's for (adult, 40 and older, any age, etc.) at the top. The pieces were all developed after workshops with several theatre companies, and they cover a great range of topics and emotions with real skill." - KLIATT 


Making It in New York City - An Actor's Guide
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“I have a B.A. and an M.F.A. in acting but had to learn the hard way the reality of being an actor in New York.  Every actor who plans to move to New York should read this book.” - Debra Monk, Tony, Emmy, Obie, Drama Desk, and Helen Hayes Award-winning actress

“The New York industry can seem overwhelming to a young actor.  This book is full of insights for actors as they journey through it.  A great resource tool that takes some mystery out of the process.” - Rob Decina, Casting Director, Guiding Light

An Actor's Guide- Making It in New York City is a must-read for the actor just arriving in New York as well as the seasoned pro who's been here for years.  It is the most comprehensive, best organized guide that I have seen.  It is down to earth and very up to date.  I highly recommend it.” - William Esper, Acting Teacher and Director

“At last, a complete guide to survival as an actor in this industry." - Jay Binder, C.S.A., Binder Casting

"I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I consider your book, An Actor's Guide--Making it in NYC. I carry it with me most everywhere I go...literally. I have never felt so comforted by a book's suggestions and warnings as I have with yours. And the fact that you not only steer people in the general direction (of agents, casting directors, off-off Broadway theaters, unions, part-time jobs), but also provide specific addresses and phone numbers is so generously thorough and helpful.  I cannot thank you enough for the product...   I was scared about diving into these crazy waters before reading your book. In truth, I still am... But I now feel like a fully loaded weapon, ready for the plunge. It's as though I have this dependable roadmap to help me navigate through this tricky and even slippery course...So, thank you. "  - Robin Eldridge

"My name is Wesley Raitt and I just finished your book, An Actor's Guide: Making It In NY. I just want to thank you for your input, suggestions, tips, and helpful information to what I need to know how to fit in the business. To me, this book makes me realize that I wouldn't want to do anything else. I look at it everyday and it reminds me of all the characters there are to play and just to get a chance to live and breath their lives in front of the public and to tell the story for your audience, is something I dream of doing. Thank you so much for this wonderful book. I look forward to reading more of your books."  - Wesley

An Actor's Guide - Making It in New York City is the ultimate guide for actors who dream of succeeding in New York.  Aspiring talents and established professionals alike will find this thorough and up-to-the-minute volume chock-full of resources and advice: where to live, where to study, how to network, and much more.  Included are foolproof methods for:

  • Presenting winning auditions
  • Giving successful interviews
  • Securing "survival jobs"
  • Finding an agent or a personal manager
  • Creating a successful "reel"
  • Making and maintaining professional connections
  • Seeking opportunities in nontraditional venues
  • Getting headshots
  • Avoiding scans and rip-offs

Included are in-depth interviews with legendary show business figures such as casting directors Juliet Taylor, theater director Joseph Chaikin, and actors Andre de Shields and Henry Winkler, and with experts in film, television, stage, commercials, and talent agencies.  This meticulously research guide will give actors the tools they need to survive and thrive in New York show business.

"Those performers who have made the move to the Big Apple will greatly benefit from An Actor's Guide - Making It in New York City by Glenn Alterman. This excellent handbook gives an overview of an actor's life on the East Coast from someone who has been in the business over 30 years. Alterman shares his secrets with both newcomers to NYC and natives who've been pounding the pavement on their way to the Great White Way. He also gets first hand advice from many industry professionals who arc interviewed throughout the hook, including Joseph Chaikin, Dylan Baker, Lisa Emery, Henry Winkler, and Andre De Shields."  

"After acknowledging in his introduction that the events of Sept. 11th affected the theatrical world in New York and around the world, Alterman proudly reaffirms that New Yorkers met the challenge head on and have proved that the show must go on.  With that said, he begins by asking aspiring Manhattanites if New York is really right for them.  If the answer is yes, then their next step is to dive into this informative guide offering everything they will need to know about surviving and thriving in the big city.  You will find specific and pertinent advice on the entire spectrum of actor necessities, from hotels actors can stay in while scouting apartments to neighborhoods where they will want to settle down (if they can afford the rent); from choosing an acting school and getting the proper headshots and resumes to picking an appropriate monologue and editing a dynamic video reel.  Job opportunities are covered in detail: Off-Broadway, daytime serials, voice-overs, extra work, print modeling, etc.  Separate sections on talent agents, personal managers, and casting agents offer unique perspectives about the relationship the actor has with each of them.  It will definitely pay off for New York-based actors (and anyone in the profession) to reference this excellent book when making career moves.  It's an absolute must!" 

- Review by Elias Stimac in Back Stage

"I have just recently finished reading your new book, "An Actor's Guide - Making it in New York City".....and I wanted to let you know that I thought it was wonderful.  I literally could not put it down.  Not only was it very informative, but extremely encouraging and inspirational.  Thank you for taking the time to write this has been a great help to I am sure it will be for many others who come to read it."

- Lisa Crosato
  Melbourne, Australia

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, "Making It In New York."  Probably the best "how to" actors' book that I've read and I've been reading a lot of them lately.  I stopped acting about 20 years ago, but got back into community and regional theatre about 3 years ago and realized that it is all I really want to do.  So, I will be relocating to New York this spring from Reno, NV and dedicate myself to my new life.  The point of all this is your book is awesome.  Great format.  The night before my audition, I will consult it for do's and don'ts.  Thanks again for a great book."

- Scott Van Tuyl

"Your book, "An Actor's Guide - Making it in New York City," is to my mind the best book ever written on this subject.  I found it to be thorough, well written, concise, and written with a good heart.  I'm presently living in London, but am planning to move to New York City in February of 2003 to pursue my acting career.  I would be honored to meet you if that can be arranged.  Again, thank you so much for a delightful, insightful book."

- Charles Henderson Feur

"Your book, "An Actor's Guide - Making it in New York City," is fantastic.  Beyond the clear and informative material in the book, I found the 'voice' of the guide to be honest, fresh, and full of humor.  I bought two copies for friends."

- Wendy Clifford

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed and am enjoying "An Actor's Guide, Making It In New York City." I moved back to the United States six months ago after completing an acting school in Paris, France and your book has just been a wonderful resource for me. I have read some parts several times over. What I love most about it is your attitude. I think it is really fantastic how you encourage our hopes and give us practical strategies to reach our dreams, rather than constantly reminding us how difficult this trade is (as so many books feel the need to do - as if we hadn't head it before!) Thank you!"

- Manisha Snoyer

Creating Your Own Monologue
directly at Allworth Press

“Of the very few books that will tell you how to create a monologue, the best is Creating Your Own Monologue by Glenn Alterman." 
Back Stage

“Glenn Alterman’s book offers invaluable techniques and tools that can assist you each step of the way. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!" 
Spalding Gray, actor, monologist, Swimming To Cambodia, Gray’s Anatomy, Morning, Noon, and Night

“The author, himself an accomplished playwright, screenwriter, and actor, has written a comprehensive manual for anyone interested in preparing and producing their own solo performance piece. Well organized and  clearly written. Recommended.” 
Library Journal Review

"This past spring Glenn moderated a discussion on writing your own monologue play at The Dramatist Guild.  Glenn provided our members with an easily understandable set of tools of how to begin writing and organizing their monologues and monologue plays.  He also shared his personal insight into the selection process for getting one’s monologues published and produced."

"Glenn’s seminar was a highly attended and successful event, filled with information that was easily accessible and ready to be put into practice by our membership."
- Micah Hollingworth, Coordinator of Special Services, The Dramatists Guild

“This is the perfect book for actors willing to take on the challenge of creating their own monologues. Every aspect of character development and dialogue writing for solo material is handled. There is a gold mine of information here!" 
Peter Askin, Director, John Leguizamo’s Mambo Mouth and Spic-O-Rama, Hedwig and The Angry Inch

"Thanks so much for writing your book "Creating Your Own Monologue." I picked up a copy at my local public library and then ordered the updated edition from an independent book store. Your book has helped me a great deal in writing my own pieces for performances in two Fringe festivals and I intend to do more work that is provocative--LGBT themes. Eight years ago, after having given up on doing anymore theatre, I discovered a new profession--Storytelling--and away I went. I have coached future generations in storytelling utilizing traditional folk and fairy tales and yet discovered that there is great fear amongst my fellow peers that traditional folk and fairy tales are too violent for telling in schools and libraries. That's when I discovered Fringe Festivals and I have performed in two Fringes--The Northlands Storytelling Conference Fringe Festival in Madison, Wisconsin, and the Lehigh Storytelling Festival Fringe in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

"As a Queer spoken word artist, I feel that there is much to tell the non-Queer world about issues of justice and now I know where I can apply for places which will allow me to perform my pieces. I also enjoyed reading the interviews of performing artists who share their experiences and backgrounds of their more personal pieces.

"Once again, let me thank you for your wonderful book and the tools contained therein."
- Rob McCabe - Storyteller/Writer/Performance Artist/Activist

"After reading your book, CREATING YOUR OWN MONOLOGUE, I was inspired to start my own "one-man show."  As it is, I am one of the cruise commentators for The Circleline (three hour harbor cruises around New York).  I am one of less than ten people who give this three-hour lecture and I found your book the necessary tool I needed to reinvent the entire way tourists can view our great city!   With the knowledge you showed me in your book, I was able to re-write a script the company showed (which was written in 1972!)  It was heavy on facts and short on storyline, theme and the all encompassing structure (and arc).  In short, the lessons in your book provided me with the proper blueprint to turn a mundane 3-hour tour into a Broadway class act!  Not withstanding, my knowledge of New York City is encyclopedic, I have over eight milk crates full of books at home on the subject, but none of them would mean a thing without the information you have in your CREATING YOUR OWN MONOLOGUE.  A big thanks and well done!!!"
- Malachy Murray (Capt.)

"I'm writing to compliment you on your fabulous book 'Creating Your Own Monologue.'  Putting up a on-person show is something I've been thinking about for years.  I've already written a good portion of it, but I never knew what the 'next step' should be.  Your book offers great insight and practical steps to help make my dream a reality."
- Francesca Marrone

Beginning and experienced actors will learn how to use their acting skills to write successful monologues, performance art pieces, and one-person plays.  The writing process is explained in easy-to-follow steps, from getting started, to expanding and tightening dialogue, developing character, editing and rewriting, rehearsing the final piece, and playing to audiences.  Included are interviews with writers and directors, techniques for marketing and promoting solo shows, tips on brainstorming, and information about artists’ communities, competitions, and grants.

The Job Book: 100 Acting Jobs for Actors
Smith and Kraus

Buy directly at:
The Drama Book Shop

“The show biz tip of the week!” - Entertainment Weekly Magazine

“This book some offers excellent creative alternatives to the usual 'day jobs' that actors often resort to while waiting for their big break.” - Actor’s Library

“A wonderfully edited paperback compilation in which working actor Glenn Alterman provides actors with a gold mine of information about actor-oriented jobs which help create extra career income.  A one-of-a-kind book!” - Black Talent News

Offers professional actors some excellent alternatives to jobs like waiting tables” - The Library Journal

In his book, Mr. Alterman offers some excellent creative suggestions for actors tired of all those dull day jobs.”- Stand By! (publication of the New York Local of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, AFL-CIO)

"My name is Mitch Hoover. Let me say its great to have finally found a way to get a hold of you! I have read two of your books Making it in New York City and The Job Book. Both of which have given me new hope for the career path I have chosen! I just wanted to say thank you very much." - Mitch Hoover

The Job Book provides the actor with a gold mine of acting-oriented job opportunities. These alternatives to telemarketing or waiting tables offer opportunities to use acting skills for income  and career development while working towards that first big break. A unique book compiled by Glenn Alterman through interviews with hundreds of actors and employers, The Job Book is a must for the acting student or working actors.  All 100 jobs offer opportunities to improve acting skills and create extra income. A one-of-a-kind book compiled by Alterman through interviews with hundreds of actors and employers.

"Thanks for your book, The Job Book -- 100 Acting Jobs for Actors.  I bought it this week at Barnes and Noble and really enjoyed the fact you've put everything together in a single resource.  I was amazed at the number of  "jobs" I've already had, but also encouraged by the 90 other possibilities.  Thanks for all the resources you provide.  Promoting Your Acting Career is my next purchase.  Thanks again, Glenn." - Brad York,  Actor/Singer, NYC

The Job Book II: 100 Day Jobs for Actors
Smith and Kraus

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"The book offers a lot of unique opportunities for actors looking for extra income" - Equity News, a publication of Actor's Equity Association

"...dedicated to making the life of the professional actor just a little bit imaginative overview that performers probably won't find anywhere else.  An important book for all actors" - Stages

"Before boarding the bus to New York or Hollywood, be sure to get a copy of this book" - The Metropolitan

The Job Bank II is a compilation of the most interesting, well paid, part-time and seasonal actor-friendly jobs available. The books lists every type of job from wine steward to repo man and tells you what you need to know, how much it pays, and who to contact. Actors trying to supplement their income will surely discover a windfall of exciting opportunities in this book

2 Minutes & Under: 70 Short Character Monologues for Actors
Smith and Kraus

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 “This book offers actors 70 gritty-to-compelling monologues. If you’re sick of scouring the same old plays for the same old audition pieces, why not try Glenn Alterman’s wonderful monologues in Two Minutes and Under? An excellent selection." - Back Stage

“Alterman’s monologues promise to sustain legions of actors with a windfall of gritty and commanding audition pieces.” - Booklist Reviews

“These are definitely not your run of the mill monologues. They offer actors something new and exciting. A must for all actors. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!” - Grant Wilfley, Grant Wilfley Casting

“Actor’s looking for challenging, contemporary audition material should find a gold mine here. Highly recommended for all theater arts collections." - Library Journal

“I ended up winning the Irene Ryan Acting Competition largely due to the incredible monologue that I found in your wonderful book Two Minutes and Under." - Mark Whittington, actor

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your 2 Minutes and Under monologue book.  I found a monologue that I use all the time and it's gotten me many call backs! I just used it to get into an advanced class at HB Studio today and it worked wonderfully."  Thanks again!
- Jon A. Russo, actor

"A winning stage audition depends heavily on the material used, as well as the talent of the actor. These original character monologs for men and women cover a variety of types, ages, and moods and range from serious to comic. The characters include husbands and wives, wheeler-dealers, gay people, the unemployed, someone with AIDS, and the parent of someone with AIDS. Alterman is the author of Street Talk: Character Monologues for Actors (Smith & Kraus, 1991) and other monolog and dialogue plays. Actors looking for challenging, contemporary audition material should find a gold mine here. Recommended for all theater arts collections." - Howard E. Miller, Library Journal

2-Minute Monologs
Meriwether Publishing Ltd.,

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Meriwether Publishing

“The wide variety of characterizations in this book offer many choices for males and females seeking challenging new roles” -

“Glenn Alterman’s new book unquestionably has the BEST audition monologues. I think all actors should buy this book!” - A reader from Hollywood, CA (on

Original audition scenes for professional actors by Glenn Alterman. The search for professional audition length material never ends. Now, a new collection of character monologs from an established New York City playwright known for his uniquely original dramatic work. A winning stage audition depends on the material used as well as the actor's talent. The wide variety of characterizations in this book offer many choices for male and female actors seeking challenging new roles. They range from gritty, real life drama to comedy. Over forty monologs for auditions, contests and acting practice.

Street Talk: Character Monologues for Actors
Smith and Kraus

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"Each one of these top-notch monologues offer the serious actor an emotional field day.  For strong, fascinating characters and top-notch monologues - this is the book!" - Anna Marie Kostura, NBC Director of Daytime Casting 

“The tone of the pieces moves from desperation to hilarity while remaining always a step from the edge. … some monologues seem absolutely inspired”. - Stages Magazine

“This book provides a good way to avoid the same old material that directors are tired of seeing. The actor in search of strong audition material to showcase his or her talents should be able to find one within these pages." - Bookshelf

“These monologues have a dramatic punch that leaves a long lasting impression. I highly recommend them to any actor willing to try something new and exciting to showcase their talents.” - Dulcina Eisen, Theatrical Agent

“There is potential for immense gratification for the actor who does not shrink away from the powerful exhilaration of exorcising emotional demons.”  - Andre DeShields, Actor, Director

Street Talk: Character Monologues for Actors is the result of Glenn Alterman's search for the perfect monologue. These selections represent his original material, with characters that reveal great insights about the men and women who spend their days, and often their nights, on the streets of the nation's cities.  Street Talk offers 23 monologues for men and 25 for women, with a wide range of ages and personas.

This is a book of monologues all by Alterman written specifically to be audition pieces.   Some are written in a poetic style, but most are down-to-earth high-energy monologues spoken by a variety of street types in the 20-50 age range. There's a 'rebelling homeless loner,' a 'jubilant drug addict,' a 'slightly overweight Brooklyn bleached blonde housewife,' a 'sleazy pimp,' a 'downtown transvestite' and many other 'types.' The actor in search of a monologue should be able to find a suitable one, within these pages, to showcase his or her talents, and it seems like a good way to avoid the same old audition material that directors are tired of seeing.

Uptown: Character Monologues for Actors
Smith and Kraus

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"These monologues are passionate, colorful, originals. They really give actors a chance to show their stuff. I recommend this book -highly!"  - Alycia Aumuller, Casting Director

“The actor in search of a monologue should certainly be able to find a suitable one within these pages.” - Callboard

“These monologues are extraordinary! I am very high on Glenn Alterman’s work and recommend this book to all actor’s!” - Terry Schreiber,  Director, Acting Teacher

In this collection of original monologues, Glenn Alterman proves that real-life drama makes first-rate audition material. From the explosive energy of rocker Johnny Star, who equates performing to sex, to a callused mid-town bartender who describes his brush with the Devil, Alterman offers a smorgasbord of poignant personalities.

What to Give Your Agent for Christmas
Smith and Kraus

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"Everything is covered in this book, from getting your first interview through doing your best work once you’re booked.”

“Whether you’ve just gotten off the bus or are a seasoned veteran there are hints that will be of value. This one will make a great gift for all of your friends in the acting business.”Back Stage West

Derived from perceptions, observations, and pet peeves of casting directors, agents, and directors, What To Give Your Agent for Christmas and 100 Other Tips for the Working Actor covers everything from getting an agent, choosing an acting class, auditioning, rehearsal, performance and the business of acting.  100 tips the successful actor can't do without!

What to Give Your Agent for Christmas is replete with suggestions for the working actor - 100 to be precise. Complete with advice for workshops, auditions and interpersonal relationships, What to Give Your Agent for Christmas is a handy, humorous guide for anyone trying to make a career on the stage.

Best 10 Minute Plays for 2 or More Actors
Smith and Kraus

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My play, THE PAIN IN THE POETRY was selected and is now published in 2009 THE BEST 10 MINUTE PLAYS FOR 2 OR MORE ACTORS (Smith and Kraus). The book is available at all book stores and at

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