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Audition Coaching

Theater, Film and TV Audition Coaching

  • If you have a specific audition coming up please bring in 2 copies of the material (the sides).

  • During the session(s) we’ll:

  1. analyze the material
  2. come up with the best choices (for you)
  3. personalize the material for you
  4. rehearse the audition from entrance to exit

Audition Session Fees:
1 session $100
3 sessions $250
5 sessions $400

All packages are good for one year. Last minute scheduling based on availability. You can utilize the package as your auditions come up. All fees are non-refundable. 24 hour advance necessary for any cancellations of sessions so as not to be charged.

Last minute scheduling based on availability.


To Arrange an Appointment or for more Information:

Call: 917-612-5524



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